Earth’s Motions, Rotation, Constellation – Earth Science Google Form Practice



This Google Form resource contains a set of carefully selected high-quality & auto-grading multiple choice questions on the high school Earth Science lessons Apparent and Actual Motions of Earth and Planets. Great interactive online assignment for homework, classwork, do nows, practice, or review for a quiz, test, or exam on the above lessons.

The 26 multiple choice questions in this two-in-one worksheet focus on:

  • Apparent Motions of Celestial Objects (Planets, Moon, etc)
  • Heliocentric and Geocentric Models
  • Actual Earth Motions
  • Earth Rotation and Revolution
  • Evidence of Earths Rotation and Revolution
  • Constellations, Foucault Pendulum, Corrilis Effects

My resources follow and align with NYS Regents Earth Science.

My Google form worksheets make great supplemental/complementary online resources to the

Prentice Hall Brief Review Book – Earth Science The Physical Setting

This is one of four supplementary practice question worksheets for

Topic 4 – Motions of Earth, Moon, and Sun

This worksheet goes with pages 60 to 68 Reading Section of the book.

A unit/topic bundle is available to help you save a few bucks.

Preview: Please preview to instantly practice a few selected questions from this worksheet.


More Info About All of My Google Form Worksheets. This info is included in every one of my Google Form Worksheets

Editable Google Form Interactive Question Format:

  • Paperless, no printing, no photocopying
  • Prep-free and easy-to-assign on Google Classroom.
  • Convenient and easy access by students on any device
  • Instant and auto-grading of responses. No tedious hand-grading of MCQs.
  • Track responses by your students
  • Students get their scores right away to gauge their performance.
  • Flexible uses for all forms of learnings: distance, virtual, online, hybrid, or in-person.

My Earth Science Online Google Form Practice Question Resources

  • Align and cover all materials in the NYS Regents Earth Science curriculum.
  • Exceed or meet high school Earth science curriculum standards of many states.
  • Easily incorporated into your Next Generation Science Standard lesson planning.
  • Comprehensive and Consistent: over 50 similar worksheets are available on 14 topics of NYS Earth Science, giving you and your students a supply of instant online assignments on any lesson throughout the whole school year.


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