Absolute Dating with Radioactive Decay – Earth Science Multiple Choice Practice



This printable Earth science two-worksheet resource contains carefully selected, quality, lesson-specific questions on Absolute Dating with Radioactive Decay. A great assessment resource to assign to your students for homework, classwork, practice, or review for a quiz, test, or exam.

The 35 multiple choice questions in this worksheet focus on:

  • Radiodating Isotopes (U-238, Pb-208, C-14)
  • Radioactive Decay Products
  • Half-life and Percent Remaining
  • Determining Age of a Rock or Fossil
  • Interpreting Radioactive Decay Graphs and Tables
  • Reading and Using Radioactive Decay Data Reference Table

9 Printable PDF Pages

A Duplicate Set with Answers Included

My resources follow and align with NYS Regents Earth Science.

My worksheets make great supplemental/complementary practice resources to the

Prentice Hall Brief Review Book – Earth Science The Physical Setting

This is one of three supplementary practice question worksheets for

Topic 13- Interpreting Geologic History

This worksheet goes with pages 288 to 290 Reading Section of the book.

The worksheet is also available in auto-grading Google Form format.

Over 40 Worksheets will be available on these Topics:

  1. Introduction to Earth’s Changing Environment
  2. Measuring Earth
  3. Earth in the Universe
  4. Motions of Earth, Moon, and Sun
  5. Energy in Earth Processes
  6. Insolation and the Seasons
  7. Weather
  8. Water and Climate
  9. Weathering and Erosion
  10. Deposition
  11. Earth Materials: Minerals and Rocks
  12. Earth’s Dynamic Crust and Interior
  13. Interpreting Geologic History
  14. Landscape Development & Environmental Change


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