Life Functions & Characteristics of Life – Teaching Notes & Student Note Guide



Easy to teach and learn PowerPoint notes for middle school / High school life science and biology.

This note covers the following lessons:

  1. Comparing Living to Nonliving Things
  2. Characteristics of Life
  3. Life Functions and Processes
  • Nutrition
  • Transport
  • Respiration
  • Excretion
  • Regulation
  • Growth
  • Movement
  • Reproduction
  • Synthesis

The zip file includes:

18 Slides of Teaching Notes (PowerPoint Show and Editable File)

  • Comprehensive notes that cover and explain everything that middle school-level kids need to know about the above lessons
  • Engaging and clear with several visual images to help students learn better
  • Animated content so each line of info reveals one at a time, giving you time to explain
  • Key information on each slide is highlighted to help students focus on the important things.
  • Easily convert to Google Slide or PDF for posting on your class website for students

5 Pages of Student Fill-in Blank Note Guide (Printable pdf)

  • Printable PDF pages containing all info from the slides.
  • Blank spaces in the pages allow students to fill in the missing info as you teach or as they read the note
  • You can assign the notes as homework or classwork for students
  • It helps you teach the note faster and give students a better and more complete note on the lesson
  • Completed notes can be used by students to do other related worksheets o as a review guide for a test or quiz

A Duplicate 5 Page Answer Key for the Fill-in Blank Note

  • Great if you want to correct your students’ fill-in notes

Coming Soon. A complete lesson plan for each of my 46 HS Biology/ Life Science Lessons.

▶PPT Notes ▶Homework ▶Worksheet ▶Study Guide ▶Quiz ▶Test

Excellent Teaching Features on All of My PowerPoint Notes

Big Bold Heading of Concept on Each Slide

  • Clearly indicates the biology concept presented or explained on the slide

Bulleted Outline

  • Animated and appears on click
  • Provides and highlights key information students need to know

As a Teaching Note for Teachers

  • Not too wordy so you can teach it and not read it to student
  • Allows you to add your voice and additional notes when teaching
  • Easy and quick to copy down by students
  • As a Reading Note for Students
  • A quick read for students
  • Simple and understandable for students of all skill levels

Images, Diagrams, and/or Tables on Most Slides

  • Help teachers show, emphasize, or explain materials better
  • Help students relate, see, and understand the materials better
  • Boost student’s ability to learn and retain the materials
  • Support and encourage visual learners


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