Unit Plan: Periodic Table Elements 3-Lesson Bundle ~Editable~ Distance Learning

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This a complete and prep-free unit plan bundle with over 20 downloadable and printable resources for teaching, assigning work, reviewing, and testing. This unit plan covers materials in the following three lessons of my Periodic Table unit:

  • Properties and Arrangement of the Periodic Table: Periodic Law, Groups and Periods
  • Types and Properties of Elements; Metals, Nonmetals, Metalloids, Alkali Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Transition Elements, Halogens, and Noble Gases
  • Periodic Trends: Trends in Electronegativity, Ionization Energy, Atomic Radius, Metallic Properties, Nonmetallic Properties, Density, Melting and Boiling Points of the Elements

Resources included in each lesson plan for this unit:

PREVIEW or click on any lesson plan to learn more about each resource

  • Teaching Notes (Powerpoint download ) ~Editable~
  • Guided Reading (PDF download)
  • Essential Skills Homework Worksheets (PDF download)
  • Study Guide/Homework Helper (PDF download)
  • Exit Tickets / Task Cards (PDF and DOC download) ~Editable~
  • Warm-up Vocab Puzzle (PDF and DOC download) ~Editable~

Resources included for this unit:

  • Unit Test (PDF and DOC download) ~Editable~

BONUS File Folder

  • All the downloadable resources in one Zip Folder, organized by lessons
  • Access to any of the resources with just a click
  • This is a big unit with many resources, so the bonus file is over 70 MB. It’s up to you if you want to access all of the downloadable resources via this bonus file.

Answer Key included for all questions.

TPT Digital Activity permission included for creating online and Google Classroom assignments from any PDF resource. Great for distance, in-person, and virtual learning models.

I have 12 unit plans (with 61 lesson plans) available for a complete and consistent whole year of HS chemistry teaching.

My Chemistry Units

  • Align and cover all of the NYS Regents Chemistry curriculum.
  • Exceed or meet the chemistry curriculum standards of many states.
  • Can be easily incorporated into the Next Generation Science Standard curriculum.

Some questions require the use of NYS Chemistry Reference Tables 2011 Edition. Click to access and download.


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