AP Chemistry Exam Multiple Choice Practice & Review Tests Prep 6-Product Bundle

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To Print or Not to Print

This bundle gives you all 3 of my AP chemistry practice multiple choice questions exams in both printable PDF pages and Interactive Auto-grading Google Form options.

This resource bundle contains selected AP exam-quality 180 multiple choice questions for students to practice and prep for the AP Chemistry Exam. Print, photocopy, hand out, or assign online to students for a complete, efficient, and effective review and practice for the upcoming AP exam.

Three Practice Tests Available on TPT. This is a bundle with all 3 Practice Tests in PDF pages and Auto-grading Google Forms.

  • Each test contains a different set of 60 questions.
  • Save big when you buy the 3-Test Bundle, and ensure that your students practice more and a wider variety of questions in each unit.

New AP Chemistry Exam Format

Each Test contains 60 Questions with Four Multiple Choices

  • Questions are divided into three 20-question sections.
  • Assign a section at a time for quick practice and instant performance feedback
  • Assign all 60 questions for extended time practice.
  • To ensure a fair number of questions from each AP chem unit, and to help students assess topic strengths and weaknesses, I grouped questions as such:
    • Section 1 (questions 1 – 20) focuses on Units 1 – 3: Atomic Structure, Moles, Properties of Compounds, Solids and Alloys, IMF, and Properties
    • Section 2 (questions 21 – 40) focuses on Units 4, 7, and 8: Chemical Reactions, Equilibrium, and Acids and Bases
    • Section 3 (questions 41 – 60) focuses on Units 5, 6, and 9: Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Applications of Thermodynamics

A Nice Mix of Questions to Cover:

  • All 6 Science Practices: Models and Representations, Questions and Methods, Representing Data and Phenomena, Model Analysis, Mathematical Routines, and Argumentation
  • All 4 Big Ideas:
  1. Scale, Proportion, and Quantity,
  2. Structure and Properties
  3. Transformations
  4. Energy
  • All 9 Units Guide
  1. Atomic Structure and Properties
  2. Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure and Properties
  3. Intermolecular Forces and Properties
  4. Chemical Reactions
  5. Kinetics
  6. Thermodynamics
  7. Equilibrium
  8. Acids and Bases
  9. Applications of Thermodynamics

Excellent as a Review Practice or Mock Test

  • Ready to print, photocopy, and hand out to students
  • Easy to grade or go over with students
  • Three practice tests available for a wide variety of questions

Great Format For Students

  • Nice, clean format and spacing for work
  • A nice mix of easy, medium, hard, and challenging questions.
  • Great for assessing essential and enduring knowledge and readiness for the actual exam

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Good Luck To Your Students on The AP Exam


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