E3 Chemistry Guided Study Book 2018: HS Chemistry with NYS Regents (FREE)


– E3 Chemistry Guided Study Book ~ 2018 Edition with New York State Regents Chemistry – The Physical Setting

A whole year of HS chemistry instructional and supplemental materials in this book.

~ Clean ~ Clear ~ Organized ~ Comprehensive ~ Engaging ~ Easy-to-use ~ Easy-to-understand ~

This is a 70-page two-topic TPT Preview of my book .

FREE to download, Print and share.

I no longer sale PDF download of my books due to copyright issues. All new editions of my books can only be purchased as a hard copy. You can buy it here on TPT, amazon, or our website.

The E3 Chemistry Guided study Book 2018 – Hard Copy is available here on TpT.

You can also buy individual topic from the book here on TpT. See our Store.

Surviving Chemistry Book Summary:

.13 Topics of High School Chemistry

.Concept-by-concept coverage for easier learning

.Clean, clear, simplified, easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand explanation of each concept

.Several worked-out example problems that are easy to follow

. Up to 90 organized concept-by-concept practice questions per topic to test students’ understanding, proficiency and confidence

Topics include: Matter and Energy, Periodic Table, Atomic Structure, Bonding, Formulas and Equations, Moles and Stoichiometry, Solution, Acids, Bases and Salt, Kinetics and Equilibrium, Organic Chemistry, Redox and Electrochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry.

The Hard copy of this book is used by chemistry teachers in over 28 states.


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