Chemical Equations: Printable Flash (Study) Cards for quizzes & tests



~ Chemical Formulas Study / Flash Cards ~

Clean, clear, comprehensive, easy-to-use.

This download consists of printable flash cards that I made for my students to study for quizzes and tests on Chemical Equations.

You can download this easy-learning flash card set to your teaching resource website and share with your students. Students can either study with it right on their computers or print, fold and cut into easy-to-use and easy-to-learn study cards for quizzes, tests, midterm and final exams.

There are 30 colorful card sets (front and back) in this download.

34 Study Cards:

Chemical formula key concepts on one side.

Easy-to-study definitions, facts and examples on the other side.

Complete with diagrams and equations.

10 Question / Task Cards:

Quick quiz / memory jogging questions to test knowledge of Study Card information on one side.

Answers to questions on the other side.

Great for regular, Honors, and AP chemistry classes.

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