Global History Geography II Regents Exam August 2022 Multiple Choice Practice



~Excellent Test Prep to Help Students Get High Marks on The Regents Exam~

This Google Form interactive online resource will give your students the most convenient, efficient, and effective way to practice the multiple-choice questions of the NYS Global History and Geography II Regents Exam.

This is the August 2022 exam. Also available for:

Available as a Bundle with all six exams.

Please Preview: You can practice and evaluate one exam of 28 Multiple Choice Questions. All questions in the preview are selected from the six exams above. Please note that I use this same exam as the preview to all five exams that I have available on TPT.

Clean with No Pop-up Ads: Unlike many online and website practices, my Google Form practice gives students a very clean look at each question without all the distracting and annoying website ads and pop-ups. Essential in allowing students to focus on the exam so they can complete each test in a timely manner and do much better on it.

Editable Google Form Interactive Questions

  • Paperless, no printing, no photocopying
  • Prep-free and easy to assign on Google Classroom
  • Editable so you can change question style, form background, or settings
  • Touch-free and auto-grading once submitted by students
  • See and track responses by your students

For students

  • Easy click-n-select responses
  • Instant scoring once submitted
  • Accessible anywhere on any device
  • Great for all types of learning: In-person, distance, virtual, or hybrid


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