Chunking Chemistry Workbook

ISBN: 9798879541946 

Paperback 8.5” x 11” Trim 334 Pages 



13 Essential Topics, 61 Worksheets: Hundreds of skills activities covering all major high school chemistry topics and lessons. 

For Teachers: 

  • Effortlessly assign, grade, and evaluate homework and classwork. 
  • Engage students with targeted exercises covering each taught chemistry concept. 
  • Organized problem sets ensure assignments align with the materials taught. 
  • Comprehensive resource for a full year, including final exam preparation. 

For Students: 

  • Practice individual question sets covering hundreds of high school chemistry concepts. 
  • Test and evaluate the understanding of each concept. 
  • Diverse question types assess various skill areas, including vocabulary knowledge, diagrams, short answers, calculations, and more. 
  • Well-organized problem sets reduce confusion and enhance learning. 

Regents Exam Prep Sections: Two dedicated sections for preparing for Regents exams. 

  • Topic-by-Topic Regents Practice Questions: Targeted practice questions for each essential topic. 
  • Two Full Regents Tests: Additional practice with three complete Regents exams for thorough preparation. 

Answer Key Booklet Available in eBook or paperback copy 


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