Chunking Chemistry Regents Exam

ISBN: 9798879549232 

Paperback 7” x 10” Trim 246 Pages 



Mastering exam preparation is crucial for student Regents exam success. Instead of cramming a large number of practice questions in one sitting, an effective approach is to embrace chunking—breaking down exam preparation into small, manageable sets of practice questions each day. 

This Chemistry Regents Exam Practice Book book does just that for students, by breaking up over 500 regents questions into daily sets of practice with answers and explanations. 

With Chunking Regents Practice, Students get 

  • Quick Practice and Immediate Answer Check 
  • Improved Retention and Memorization of key materials 
  • Effective Time Management of Your Exam Preparation 
  • Strengthened Conceptual Understanding 
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety 
  • Boost Overall Confidence 

Comprehensive Prep: Nearly 500 quality and common Regents questions for effective practice 

Clear Explanations: Simple and clear explanations for easy-to-understand correct answer choices. 

Latest Exams Included: Two full and most recent Regents exams to boost readiness. 

Grading Details: Understand current Regents exam grading formats for accurate self-assessment. 

Progress Tracking: A simple worksheet is included to monitor day-to-day progress and exam readiness. 


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