Earth Science of Love: A Fun Valentine’s Day Puzzle Activity for MS/HS Classes



Here is a perfect Valentine’s Day worksheet that couples a quick review of earth science concepts with the fun of solving a cross-word puzzle. What says “I Love Earth Science” more than a heart-shaped puzzle filled with Earth Science related materials? Your students will have fun helping Cupid find his love on earth while reviewing concepts relating to earth composition and shape, weathering, minerals, mapping, and more.

Easy printable five pages (two being puzzle solution) for a one class-period of fun and review.

I typically have my students work in pairs. The first group to complete the puzzle and figure out the answer to the question is rewarded with something. This usually encourages students to work hard and fast, and to have more fun solving the problems.

Please print the preview to see how much fun your students can have with this on V-day. Thanks.

If you teach other science subjects, you can get similar puzzles for chemistry, biology, and physics here on TpT.


TAGS: Size, Shape, and Composition of the Earth Planetary Size, Oblate spheroid, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere,

Mapping, Latitude,Longitude, Topographic Maps, Rocks, Minerals Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, Landforms, Earthquakes, Plate Tectonics, Earth History, Earth Age, Evolution of Life, Rock Record, Fossil Record, Age Relationships, Meteorology and Climate, Astronomy, Moon Phases and Tides, Seasons, Solar System, Universe


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