Surviving Chemistry 3-Book Bundle – 2015 Revisions: A Whole Year of HS Chem



– Surviving Chemistry 3-Book Bundle ~

Featuring all-new 2015 Revision Books.

Three different kinds of resources for 13 topics of HS chemistry. Over 1000 pages of organized and engaging high school chem materials for you and your students.

With this bundle, you’ll get different kinds of chemistry resources for 13 topics of chemistry. Included are three Digital Editions of my Surviving Chemistry Books:

Surviving Chemistry Review Book

Surviving Chemistry Guided Study Book

Surviving Chemistry Workbook.

Answer Key Booklets for all three books.

Please Preview.

All three books have been edited and revised to include Bookmarks. Now you can easily browse through topics in each pdf file with ease by utilizing the bookmark.

Whether you teach basic general chemistry or honors-level chemistry, you are certain to find organized guided reading and worksheets for the majority of the core concepts required by your state chemistry curriculum. Topics covered in all three books are:

Topic 1: Matter, Energy, and Changes

Topic 2: The Periodic Table

Topic 3: Atomic Structure

Topic 4: Chemical Bonding

Topic 5: Chemical Formulas (Nomenclature) and Equations

Topic 6: Stoichiometry and Mole Calculations

Topic 7: Solutions

Topic 8: Acids, Bases, and Salts

Topic 9: Kinetics and Equilibrium

Topic 10: Organic Chemistry

Topic 11: Redox and Electrochemistry

Topic 12: Nuclear Chemistry

Topic 13: Lab Safety, Equipment, and Measurements.

NOTE: You can also buy individual topics from each book or topic bundle here on TpT.

Coming soon, the Ultimate HS Chemistry Bundle for your Complete Chemistry Teaching Resource: It will include all three books, Interactive PowerPoint Notes, Flash Cards, and Jeopardy Games for all the topics. Please *FOLLOW* my shop to get updates as new resources are added.

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