Solubility Factors, Soluble Insoluble: 6-Resource Lesson Plan ~Distance Learning



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Lesson Plan 25: Solubility Factors and Guidelines

Goals and Objectives of This Lesson:

Vocabulary Terms: After learning this lesson, your students should be able to define or explain these terms

1. Solubility
2. Soluble
3. Insoluble
4. Miscibility
5. Miscible
6. Immiscible

Concept Tasks: After learning this lesson, your students should be able to:

1. Factors that Affect Solubility

2. Soluble and Insoluble Solutes

3. Reading the Solubility Guidelines Table

Resources Included for this Lesson Plan

  • PowerPoint Teaching Notes (PPT ) ~Editable~
  • Guided Reading (PDF)
  • Essential Skills Homework Worksheets ( PDF)
  • Study Guide/Homework Helper (PDF)
  • Exit Tickets / Task Cards (PDF and DOC, ~Editable~
  • Warm-up Vocab Puzzle ( PDF)
  • *Googleable Worksheet (Google Form, ~Editable~)* Only included in the Hybrid Lesson Bundle*

(Scroll down for more info about each resource)

Answer Key included for all questions.

TPT Digital Activity permission included for creating online and Google Classroom assignments from any PDF resource.

____________ More Info on Each Resource ____________

1. PowerPoint Teaching Notes ~Editable~

  • A highly visual, interactive, simply animated PPT notes to teach with.
  • Clear bulleted-outline highlights key information students need to know
  • Images, diagrams, and tables on most slides help you show and emphasize the key concepts. Provides students with great visual learning.
  • Many examples and solutions (if needed)
  • Lesson goals and objectives clearly listed at the beginning
  • Pop quiz practice questions engage students as you teach. Provide quick assessment of attentiveness and understanding

2. Guided Reading (PDF)

  • A super easy to read, learn, and understand guided reading and explanation of key materials
  • Key terms are emboldened, simply defined, and further explained for better understanding
  • Many colorful images, pictures, diagrams, and tables to support visual learners and boost understanding and memorization
  • Many examples, solutions (when needed), and practice questions
  • Lesson goals and objectives to start each reading

3. Essential Skills Homework Worksheets (PDF)

  • Organized and engaging sets of skill activities.
  • Activity sets may include fill-in-blanks, labeling, drawing, multiple-choice, and constructed response questions.
  • Easy to assign and assess students’ knowledge and understanding of the materials.
  • All multiple choice and constructed response questions are taken from the NYS Regents chemistry test bank.

4. BFF Homework Helper/Study Guide (PDF)

  • Bold and engaging summary of all key terms and concepts
  • Great for quick study for a test or quiz, or for finding information quickly to a homework question

5. Exit Tickets / Task Cards (PDF and Doc) ~Editable~

  • Use as a quick assessment activity for students
  • Use after teaching a lesson, before moving on to the next lesson, or before students leave class
  • Can be used as a quick quiz, warm-up, or icebreaker assignment

6. Warm-up / Bellringer Activity ~Some are Editable~

  • Easy doable activity that gets your students ready for the lesson.
  • Mostly a fun word-search vocab puzzle to get your student familiarized themselves with key terms of the lesson.
  • It may also be a quick question, diagram label, or graphic organizer activity

7. Googleable Worksheet (Google Form) ~Editable~

  • Form-filling skill activity and practice question sets on Google Form.
  • Editable so you can add or remove questions, or break up sections into multiple assignments
  • Prep-free and easy-to-assign to students on Google Classroom
  • Touch-free instant grading.
  • See and track responses by your students
  • *Googleable worksheet is derived from the corresponding Essential Skill HW Worksheet (see #3)*

___ Resource 8, 9, and 10 are Included Only In the Unit Plan Bundles ____

8. Unit Test (Printable PDF and Editable Doc).

  • Cumulative test questions on each of the 12 chemistry topics.
  • Each unit test (except the Mole Concept test) consists of 30 questions from all lessons of the unit.
  • A highly selective mix of quality 25 multiple-choice and 5 short answer questions.
  • Student-friendly format; starts of with easy confident-building questions, but becomes increasingly more difficult.
  • Ready-to-print but also editable so you can add or remove questions.
  • Passable for most, if not all students.
  • Best for low and mid-level chem students. You can easily add a handful of harder questions to challenge your honor-level students
  • All questions selected from the NYS Regents chemistry test bank.

9. Googleable Unit Test (Google Form) ~Editable~

  • The EXACT same test as above (#8) but in form-filling Google Form
  • Prep-free and ready-to-assign to students on Google Classroom
  • Automatic and touch-free instant grading once submitted by students.
  • See and track responses by your students
  • If administring my chem unit test virtually, this googleable test may be a better alternative to creating a TPT Digital Activity test from the PDF (#8)

10. Chemistry Googabulary (Google Form) ~Editable~

  • Vocab terms and definition form-filling activity sets on Google Form.
  • Two or more sets of work in each topic bundle product.
  • Excellent as a warm-up or bell-ringer work online.

Please Note: Google Form Resources (7, 9, and 10) are only included in Hybrid Bundle Products. This is the only way that I know to bundle printable and online resources.


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