Periodic Table Review: Interactive 2-Round Jeopardy Game w/Scoreboard



Interactive Jeopardy – a fun and competitive way for students to review and learn for a test or quiz.

This PowerPoint Jeopardy Game contains exciting interactive features that will encourage participation among your students as you review concepts in the Periodic Table topic. This particular game features concepts in these Categories:

Arrangements of Elements

Properties of Elements

Types of Elements

Identifying Elements by Properties

Periodic Trends


Some of the game features include:

.Timer that countdowns with a click.

.Scoreboard for up to five teams, with easy point-changing format

.Sound effects

.Two rounds of game (50 questions total)

Jeopardy Round: 25 Multiple Choice questions, a daily double, and a Final Jeopardy question.

Double Jeopardy Round: 25 Short Answer questions, two daily doubles, and a Final Jeopardy question.

Each round can be play individually, or you can combine both rounds for Double Jeopardy of fun.

Please Preview.


The ZIP file contains two versions of the game:

A game without Scoreboard.

A game with Scoreboard.

In the game board with Scoreboard, transitioning from one slide to the Jeopardy Board can be sluggish. This is because the Scoreboard is a layer of hundreds of text boxes and custom animations. If you have an older computer that is usually slow, then you may want to play the game without the scoreboard and keep score manually. If you have a newer system computer, you can play the game with the scoreboard and the sluggishness won’t be as bad.

Please download and play the preview to really appreciate all the interactive features of this jeopardy review game.


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