Moles, Molar Mass Calculations, Mass Spectroscopy – AP Chemistry Multiple Choice



This Google Form AP Chemistry Worksheet contains a set of carefully selected high-quality & auto-grading multiple-choice questions on Moles, Molar Mass, and Mass Spectroscopy. A great interactive online resource to assign to your students for homework, classwork, practice, or review for a quiz, test, or exam.

My resources follow the New AP Chemistry Course Framework.

This worksheet has 42 multiple choice questions in the following two topics of

Unit 1: Atomic Structures and Properties

Unit 1.1: Moles and Molar Mass (18 questions)

  • Mole-mass Conversions
  • Mole-Avogadro’s Number Conversions
  • Mole-Volume of Gas Conversions
  • Mixed Unit Conversions

Unit 1.2: Mass Spectroscopy of Elements (24 questions)

  • Reading and Analyzing Single Element Charts
  • Calculating Average Atomic Mass from Relative Abundances of Isotopes

This worksheet is also available in printable PDF download

Organized Question Sets

Each set contains a nice mix of topic-specific questions to test students’ basic, essential, and enduring knowledge, skills, and understanding of the topic.

Nicely organized from easy to medium to hard questions, which help students build confidence in the beginning so they can better tackle the harder questions toward the end. All of your students will appreciate the organization of the questions, which will help them assess their strengths and weaknesses.

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