Matter & Energy: Printable, Postable, & Projectable 3D diagrams for teaching



This is a collection of diagrams that I drew to show my students as I teach different concepts in Matter and Energy topic. I drew these diagrams to be simple, but yet visually stunning so that they will leave long lasting and memorable impressions of the chemistry concepts in the minds of my students.

Diagrams in this collection are great for:

. Projecting with multimedia projector to use as teaching resources

. Printing on an 8 x 11 picture paper to post and decorate my classroom walls

. Printing on paper and photocopying as a handout to students.

Please download the Preview, and I hope you like the diagrams.

The 14 different diagrams in this particular collection are listed below:

1. Classification of Matter Diagram

2. Diagram Representation of Types of Matter.

3. Diagram Representation of Phases

4. Phase Change Diagram (Heating Curve)

5. Phase Change Diagram (Cooling Curve)

6. Triple Phase Diagram of Water

7. Vapor – Temperature Relationship Diagram

8. Vapor Pressure – Temperature of Four Liquids Chart

9. Temperature Scales

10. Avogadro’s Diagram

11. Boyle’s Law Diagram

12. Charles’ Law Diagram

13. Gay-Lussac’s Law Diagram

14. Diagram Representation of Physical and Chemical Changes

I will be listing more of these diagrams for other chemistry topics.


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