Matter, Energy, Change: Homework Helper & Test Study Guide BFF Distance Learning



This product contains about 15 pages of downloadable/printable Chemistry Study Guide/Homework Helper resource for my Matter, Energy, and Change unit. This resource can help students study for a quiz or test, or quickly find key information needed to answer homework questions.

Lessons covered in my Matter, Energy, and Change unit include:

  • Types and Classification of Matter: Pure Substances, Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, and Separation of Mixtures
  • Phase and Phase Changes of Matter; Solids, Liquids, and Gas
  • Heat and Temperature: Temperature Units, Direction of Heat Flow, Heat Calculations.
  • Gas Laws: Kinetic Molecular Theory, Avogadro’s Law, Boyle’s, Charles, Gay-Lussac’s, and Combined Gas Law Calculations
  • Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

This BFF Homework Helper/Study Guide

  • Bold big colorful print of key terms and concepts
  • Bulleted outline of key materials that students need to know.
  • Summation of only the must-know information
  • Neatly drawn and labeled diagrams, graphs, and tables.
  • Step-by-step solutions to several chemistry problems
  • Unit Practice questions with answer key

All multiple choice and constructed response questions are taken from the NYS Regents chemistry test bank.

Some questions require the use of NYS Chemistry Reference Tables 2011 Edition.

Please note:

  • Study guides for all five lessons included in this product are also included in many of my bundle products.
  • Do not buy this product if you’ve already purchased any of my newly rebranded Unit Plan Bundles or Course Plan Bundle.

Answer Key Included for all questions.

TPT Digital Activity Option included so you can create and assign online resources from PDF pages.


These resources make a great supplement to any high school chemistry textbook and will support any of your teaching models: in-person, hybrid, virtual, distance learning.

I have 13 of these Unit Packs (61 lessons) of Study Guide available for a complete and consistent whole year of HS chemistry learning, studying, reviewing, and homework assignment for your students.

My Chemistry Units

  • Align and cover all of the NYS Regents Chemistry curriculum.
  • Exceed or meet the chemistry curriculum standards of many states.
  • Can be easily incorporated into the Next Generation Science Standard curriculum.


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