Matter, Energy, & Change: 8-Googleable Resource Online Bundle ~Distance Learning

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~Bundle and Save~ This is an 8-product bundle with prep-free, ready-to-assign student-friendly online worksheets, vocab activities, reading lessons, and a unit test for my Matter, Energy, and Change Unit.

Great for all types of learning; distance, virtual, in-class, or hybrid.

Resources Included in This Bundle:

  • 6 Homework Worksheets (Google Form)~Editable~
  • 1 Vocab Activity, 5 Sets (Google Form) ~Editable~
  • 1 Unit Test (Google Form) ~Editable~
  • Free Reading Lesson with Each Worksheet (Online PDF).

Answer Key included for all questions

This Matter, Energy, and Change Unit includes the following lessons:

  • Types and Classification of Matter: Pure Substances, Elements, Compounds, Mixtures, and Separation of Mixtures
  • Phase and Phase Changes of Matter; Solids, Liquids, and Gas
  • Heat and Temperature: Temperature Units, Direction of Heat Flow, Heat Calculations.
  • Gas Laws: Kinetic Molecular Theory, Avogadro’s Law, Boyle’s, Charles, Gay-Lussac’s, and Combined Gas Law Calculations
  • Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

Google Form Format:

  • Paperless, no printing, no photocopying
  • Editable so you can add or remove questions or change form settings
  • Convenient and easy access for students through Google classroom
  • Auto-grading once submitted by students
  • Track and evaluate performance by your students

For students

  • Easy and quick form filling response
  • Straightforward and doable
  • Easy and convenient access anytime, anywhere, with any device.


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