Isotopes & Atomic Mass Calculations – Guided HS Chemistry Notes



“Exciting, engaging and easy-to-understand guided reading worksheets to enhance student understanding and confident. A three-in-one printout for students to read, study and practice questions on the above high school chemistry concepts. Taken from one my best selling Instructional Materials – Surviving Chemistry Guided Study Book 2015 Revision.
This product and many of my chemistry products follow New York State Chemistry Regents standards, but are perfect for chemistry classes everywhere. Answers included. Enjoy.

Some questions may require the use of NYS Chemistry Reference Tables 2011 Edition (available online for download).

If you’ve already purchased my Atomic Structure products, Surviving Chemistry Workbook or Ultimate Bundle, then you already have a different version of this product.

Coming soon, my iKISS Worksheets – Quick Skill Practice for chemistry and Earth science. *Follow* me for updates. Thanks.”


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