Formulas & Equations Chem Jeopardy Interactive PPT Review Game – 25 Questions



~Chem Jeopardy Interactive PPT Review Game~ Make your Review of

Chemical Formulas, Nomenclature, Types of Reactions, & Balancing Equations

  • exciting
  • engaging
  • fun-filled

Great prep for a quiz, test, or final exam.

Please Preview – 25 Questions in the Preview.

Five Categories of Review in This Funtastic Jeopardy Game

  • Types of Chemical Formulas
  • Nomenclature – Naming from Formula
  • Nomenclature- Writing Formula from Name
  • Types of Reactions and Balancing Equations
  • Potpourri

Question and Answer Format

  • Questions are all related to bonding with real-world connections to keep the game interesting
  • A mix of 20 short answer questions and 5 multiple choice questions
  • Visual image on all slides to keep things interested
  • Answers are revealed with a click and applause
  • Wrong answer sound effect and “try again” signal

Realistic Jeopardy Set up

  • Five Categories, 25 question slides
  • One Daily Double question slide
  • Final Jeopardy question slide

Game features include:

  • A timer that counts down with a click
  • Scoreboard for up to five teams, with an easy point-changing format
  • Sound effects

It’s Funtastic For All

12-Topic Bundle Available Soon

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