Chemistry Regents Exam Practice – Fun Interactive Jeopardy Review: 4-Game Bundle



With this highly interactive Jeopardy game, you can add a bit of fun and excitement into your review for the Chemistry Regents, Final, or Midterm Exam. Your students will enjoy interacting with and competing against each other, while also reviewing and learning important chemistry concepts for their exams.

This is the 4-game pack of my Chemistry Regents review Jeopardy games. The zip file contains: .

Game 1: Atomic Concepts, Periodic Table, Types of Matter, Physical behavior of Matter, and Solutions.

Game 2: Bonding, Substances & Properties, Nomenclature, Formulas & Equations, Moles & Stoichiometry

Game 3: Kinetics, Energy of reactions, Entropy, Equilibrium, Acids, Bases & Salts

Game 4: Redox, Electrochemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Nuclear Chemistry

Two rounds of jeopardy in each game.:

The Jeopardy round features 25 multiple choice questions.

The Double Jeopardy round features 25 short answer (constructed response) questions.

Daily Doubles and a Final Jeopardy question in each round.

Each round can be played as individual game, or easily combine both games for Double Jeopardy fun.

Please download and play the preview of the game.

Other interactive features in this game include:

.Timer that counts down with a click.

.Scoreboard for up to five teams, with easy point changing format

.Sound effects

Questions and Reference materials for this game follow the New York State Chemistry Regents: The Physical Setting. Game can be used for any chemistry class.


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