Aqueous Solutions Vocabulary Terms & Definitions – Google Form Activity



Want your students to learn, review, or practice the must-know vocabulary terms in your Aqueous Solutions topic?

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Editable and Straightforward Interactive Google Form Vocab Term and Definition Questions.

Made to support your Google Classroom, in-class, virtual, or hybrid education model.

For students

  • Build and Boost strong vocabulary knowledge and memorization.
  • Easy and quick one or two-word response form filling
  • Convenience, doable, easy high marks for students of all skill levels

For Teachers

  • Quick and prep-free assignment
  • Multi-Purpose as a bell-ringer, review for a test, or intro to a lesson
  • Comprehensive and covers most if not all HS chem terminologies
  • Auto and touch-free grading

Aqueous Solutions Googabulary:

23 Vocab terms covering the following lessons:

  • Properties of Solutions
  • Solubility Factors of Solutions
  • Types of Solutions and Solubility Curves
  • Molarity and Parts per Million Calculations
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Effect of a Solute on Properties of a Solution

A 30-Question Preview: I highly recommend that you preview this product.

  • 2 to 3 questions selected from each topic.
  • The same preview is used for all 12-topic and bundle products
  • A great way to see the format, type, and level of questions before buying

My Chemistry Googabulary is available in 12 Chemistry Topics. All 12 topics have the same format. Buy the Bundle to get consistency throughout the year, and of course, $ave money. Thanks.


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