Acid Base Reactions, Neutralization – AP Chemistry MCQ Multiple Choice Practice



This Printable AP Chemistry Worksheet contains sets of carefully selected high-quality multiple choice questions on Introduction to Acid-Base Reactions. This is a great printable resource to assign to your students for homework, classwork, practice, or review for a quiz, test, or exam.

My resources follow the New AP Chemistry Course Framework.

This worksheet has 40 multiple choice questions on the following topics of

Unit 4: Chemical Reactions

Unit 4.8: Intro to Acid-Base Reactions

  • Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases
  • Arrhenius Acids and Bases
  • Identifying Acids and Bases of a Reaction
  • Identifying Conjugate Acid-Base Pairs
  • Identifying Neutralization Reactions
  • Identifying Net Ionic Equation of a Reaction
  • Predicting Products of a Neutralization
  • Basic Calculations of Unknown in a Neutralization Reaction

A Duplicate Set with Answer Key Include

NOTE: This worksheet does not contain questions on redox titration, electrochemistry, or cell potential. Questions on these lessons are covered under different worksheets.

This worksheet is also available in auto-grading Google Form format.

Organized Question Sets

Each set contains a nice mix of topic-specific questions to test students’ basic, essential, and enduring knowledge, skills, and understanding of the topic.

Nicely organized from easy to medium to hard questions, which help students build confidence in the beginning so they can better tackle the harder questions toward the end. All of your students will appreciate the organization of the questions, which will help them assess their strengths and weaknesses.

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