116 PPT Slides – Redox & Electrochemistry Teaching Notes –



~Redox, Electrochemistry, Activity Series Teaching Notes – 116 Slides ~

  • Excellent teaching notes for teachers
  • Great self-guided reading for students

5 Essential Lessons for High School Chemistry ~NYS Regents Standards~

  • Oxidation Numbers
  • Half-reactions (Oxidation and Reduction)
  • Redox Reactions
  • Electrochemistry: Voltaic and Electrolytic Cells
  • Activity Series and Predicting Spontaneous Redox Reactions

This product covers just about everything there is to teach and learn in a high-school level nuclear chemistry unit.

The product-download Zip Folder contains individual lesson files in PPT Show and editable PPT presentation.

The preview has about 20 Slides. Please preview. Thanks

This is my new Powerpoint teaching and guided reading note product. It has been revised and enhanced to better support in-class, virtual, distance, or hybrid learning.

My PowerPoint Slide Notes is written with the following features

for effective teaching and enhanced students’ learning and understanding.

Learning Objectives and Goals

  • Clearly listed and well-defined to start each lesson
  • One set of objectives provides students with specific concept terms they will learn, and they should remember and be able to define.
  • Another set of objectives provides students with specific skill tasks they will learn, and they should be able to do on their own

Big Bold Heading of Concept on Each Slide

  • Clearly indicates the chemistry concept presented or explained on the slide

Bulleted Outline

  • Animated and appears on-click
  • Provides and highlight key information students need to know
  • As a Teaching Note for Teachers
  • Not too wordy so you can teach it and not read it to student
  • Allows you to add your voice and additional notes when teaching
  • Easy and quick to copy down by students
  • As a Reading Note for Students
  • A quick read for students
  • Simple and understandable for students of all skill levels

Images, Diagrams, and/or Tables on Most Slides

  • Help teachers show, emphasize or explain materials better
  • Help students relate, see and understand the materials better
  • Boost student’s ability to learn and retain the materials
  • Support and encourage visual learners

POP Quiz Questions

  • 26 Pop-up questions to students on materials that were just presented to them
  • Easily answered by students that are paying attention
  • Provide quick assessment of attentiveness and understanding
  • Encourage students to pay more attention
  • Questions can pop up between lesson slides and at the end of a lesson

Several Example Problems with Clear Guided Steps on How To:

  • Determine the oxidation number of an element
  • Interpret half-reaction and redox equations
  • Write half-reaction equations
  • Identify oxidized and reduced species in redox equations
  • Identify electrochemical cell components
  • Use Activity Series Reference Table
  • Recognize if a reaction is spontaneous or not

Slide Background

  • Not too dark, not too white, and not too colorful
  • Great if you need to add notes as you teach
  • Easy on the Eyes

My resources follow the New York Regents curriculum. Some questions require the use of NYS Chemistry Reference Tables 2011 Edition. Click to access and download.


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