Unit Bundle: Evolution Natural Selection Adaptation ~Living Environment Regents

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This Super Bundle Saver of Biology Worksheets contains engaging, organized, doable as well as some challenging high school-level skill activities and practice questions on the topic of Evolution. Emphasis on the NYS Regents Biology – The Living Environment curriculum.

Excellent worksheets to help your students:

  • Reinforce what was learned
  • Strengthen question-answering skills
  • Build strong basic core idea knowledge
  • Enhance in-depth content knowledge
  • Assess comprehensive understanding of the lesson

The four products in this unit bundle contain a total of 4 worksheets with organized sets of skill activities and practice questions on the following core lessons of

Topic 5: Evolution.

  • Worksheet 26: Theory of Evolution and Phylogenetic Trees
  • Worksheet 27: Natural Selection and Mechanisms of Evolution
  • Worksheet 28: Variation and Adaptation
  • Worksheet 29: Evolutionary Rate and Extinction

Please Click Preview to see most or all pages for each worksheet.

  • 4 Total Worksheets
  • 24 Total PDF Pages
  • 15 Total Sets of Work
  • 151 Total Number of Questions
  • A Duplicate Set with Answers for Each Worksheet Included

My resources follow and align with NYS Regents Biology – The Living Environment.

Each of my biology worksheets makes a great supplemental resource to the

Prentice Hall Brief Review Book – The Living Environment

These worksheets go with Topic 5, Pages 79 to 96 Reading Section of the book.


~Teacher Implementation~

Photocopy and hand out to students or create TPT Digital Activity for Google Classroom.

Assign individual sections or make it a multiple-day packet assignment.

For Classwork or Homework, Use This Worksheet to:

  • Reinforce what was taught
  • Build strong knowledge and understanding of the lesson
  • Strengthen question-answering skills

For Study Guide or Review, Use This Worksheet to:

  • Remind students of key materials that they need to know
  • Practice test-quality questions
  • Heightened confidence before a test

For Assessment, Use the Practice Questions Set to:

  • Test students’ comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the lesson

~Get Another One or Buy the Bundle and $ave BIG~

I have 48 of these biology worksheets available on TPT to support any of your teaching models: in-person, hybrid, virtual, distance learning.


*More Info About My Worksheet Products*

This section is included in every worksheet product *

Each worksheet consists of many sets of activities.

Each set has different learning objectives of the core lesson materials.

Activities and questions may include all or some of the following:

  • Vocabulary Terms and Definitions: Test basic knowledge and memorization of key terms of the lesson
  • Identification of Diagrams
  • Labeling of Diagrams
  • Fill-in blanks or short answer questions.
  • *Multiple Choice and Constructed Response Questions: Quality high school-level questions selected from the NYS Regents Biology Living Environment test bank. *Included in all worksheets

Prep-free For Teachers

  • Ready to be assigned in seconds as Digital Activity
  • Few pages for quick photocopying as a handout
  • Flexible use as homework, classwork, or review
  • Duplicate copy with answers for easy and quick grading and scoring

Easy for Students

  • Organized with easy-to-follow instruction
  • Doable questions for students of all skill levels
  • Always with a few hard questions to challenge higher-level students

My Biology Worksheets

  • Align and cover all materials in the NYS Regents Biology Living Environment curriculum.
  • Exceed or meet high school biology curriculum standards of many states.
  • Can be easily incorporated into your Next Generation Science Standard lesson planning.

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