Skeletal & Muscular Systems: Middle School Life Science MCQ Online Worksheet



Assess your middle school students’ core knowledge and understanding of Muscular and Skeletal Systems with this Interactive Google Form Multiple Choice Question Worksheet. Complete with answers for auto-grading, you can instantly assign this worksheet on Google Classroom to your in-person and virtual-learning students. Flexible uses as homework, classwork, practice, do-now, or as a review for a quiz, test, or exam. It’s up to you.

This respiratory system worksheet contains:

30 quality middle-school level interactive multiple-choice questions.

3 Sets of Questions

  • Set A (10 questions): Mainly on Muscular and Skeletal System Facts
  • Set B (10 questions): Mainly on Identifying Structures (bone, ligament, tendon, cartilage, joint, etc) from Skeletal and Muscular System Diagrams
  • Set C (10 questions): Mainly on Identifying Roles and Functions of the Structures
  • Many questions with diagrams.
  • A great range of easy, medium, and hard questions.
  • Excellent for all levels of middle school students; 6th, 7th, and 8th. Regular and honors-level students.

Preview: Please preview to instantly practice a few selected questions from each set of this worksheet.

You can assign each set separately or all the sets together:

The Google Drive Folder of this product contains three Google Form files, one for each set of questions. The fourth Google form file in the folder contains all 30 questions. This will allow you to quickly assign any of the sets to your students without doing much work.

Which set to assign and how you assign it to your students depends on your needs and the level of students that you teach. For example, if you do not teach specific roles and functions of the different structures to your 6th-grade students, then you may not want to assign Set C to them. You decide.

My Middle School Science worksheets can be implemented to any State’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) curriculum.

I’ll have over 50 worksheets on just about every unit and topic in:

MS-LS (middle school life science) curriculum standards

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Editable Google Form Interactive Question Format:

  • Paperless, no printing, no photocopying
  • Prep-free and easy-to-assign on Google Classroom.
  • Convenient and easy access by students on any device
  • Instant and auto-grading of responses. No tedious hand-grading of MCQs.
  • Track responses by your students
  • Students get their scores right away to gauge their performance.
  • Flexible use for all forms of learnings: distance, virtual, online, hybrid, or in-person.


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