Muscular System Teaching PPT Slides & Student PDF Notes: Life Science / Biology



Make your teaching of the Human Muscular System simple, clear, effortless, and easy to learn and understand for your life science or biology students. This resource comes with engaging and interactive PowerPoint teaching note slides and complimentary printable and organized PDF pages of fill-in-blank note guides for your students.

This note covers the following lessons:

  1. Functions and Roles of the Muscular System
  2. Types of Muscles (Cardiac, Smooth, Skeletal)
  3. Types of Muscle Movement (Voluntary, Involuntary)
  4. How Muscles Move (Contraction and Relaxation)
  5. Well-Known Muscles in the Human Body (labeling)
  6. Muscle Injuries
  7. Muscle Facts
  8. Benefits of Excercise

The zip file includes:

17 Slides of Teaching Notes (PowerPoint Show and Editable File)

  • Comprehensive notes that cover and explain everything that middle school-level kids need to know about the above lessons
  • Engaging and clear with several visual images to help students learn better
  • Animated content so each line of info reveals one at a time, giving you time to explain
  • Key information on each slide is highlighted to help students focus on the important things.
  • Easily convert to Google Slide or PDF for posting on your class website for students

5 Pages of Student Fill-in Blank Note Guide (Printable pdf)

  • Printable PDF pages containing all info from the slides.
  • Blank spaces in the pages allow students to fill in the missing info as you teach or as they read the note
  • You can assign the notes as homework or classwork for students
  • It helps you teach the note faster and give students a better and more complete note on the lesson
  • Completed notes can be used by students as review or study guide for a test or quiz

A Duplicate 5 Page Answer Key for the Fill-in Blank Note

  • Great if you want to correct your students’ fill-in notes

Coming Soon. A complete lesson plan for each of my 46 HS Biology/ Life Science Lessons.

▶PPT Notes ▶Homework ▶Worksheet ▶Study Guide ▶Quiz ▶Test

Excellent Teaching Features on All of My PowerPoint Notes

Big Bold Heading of Concept on Each Slide

  • To indicate the biology concept presented or explained on the slide

Bulleted Outline

  • Animated and appears on click
  • Provides and highlights key information students need to know

As a Teaching Note for Teachers

  • Not too wordy so you can teach it and not read it to student
  • Allows you to add your voice and additional notes when teaching
  • Easy and quick to copy down by students
  • As a Reading Note for Students
  • A quick read for students
  • Simple and understandable for students of all skill levels

Images, Diagrams, and/or Tables on Most Slides

  • Help teachers show, emphasize, or explain materials better
  • Help students relate, see, and understand the materials better
  • Boost student’s ability to learn and retain the materials
  • Support and encourage visual learners


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