AP Environmental Science (APES) Exam – Google Form Multiple Choice Practice 1



This google form resource contains selected AP exam-quality multiple choice questions for students to practice and prep for the AP Environmental Science Exam. Assign easily and instantly to students for a convenient, efficient, and effective practice for the upcoming AP exam. Excellent online practice with no distracting website ads and automatic grading answers.

Three Practice Tests Available on TPT. This is for Practice Test 1.

  • Each test contains a different set of 80 questions.
  • Save big when you buy the 3-Test Bundle, and ensure that your students practice more and a wider variety of questions in each unit.
  • Please Preview: The 30-question preview contains 10 selected questions from each test. I use the same preview for all three tests and the bundle

New AP Environmental Science Exam Format

Each Test contains 80 Questions with Four Multiple Choices

  • Questions are divided into FOUR 20-question sections.
  • Assign a section at a time for a quick practice and instant performance feedback
  • Assign all 80 questions for extended time practice.

To ensure a fair number of questions from each AP bio unit, and to help students assess topic strengths and weaknesses, I grouped questions as such:

  • Section 1 (questions 1 – 20) focuses on Units 1, 2, and 3: Ecosystems, Biodiversity, and Populations
  • Section 2 (questions 21 – 40) focuses on Units 4, 5, and 6: Earth Systems and Resources, Land and Water Use, Energy Resources and Consumption
  • Section 3 (questions 41 – 60) focuses on Units 7, 8, and 9: Atmospheric Pollution, Aquatic and Terrestrial Pollution, and Global Change
  • Section 4 (questions 61 – 80): Mixed and Group Questions

A Nice Mix of Questions to Cover:

  • All 6 Science Practices: Concept Explanation, Visual Representations, Text analysis, Scientific Experiments, Data Analysis, Mathematical Routines, and Environmental Solutions
  • All 4 Big Ideas: Energy Transfer Interactions Between Earth Systems, Interactions Between Different Species and the Environment, and Sustainability
  • All 9 Recommended APES Units from the 2020 Course and Exam Description

Clean with No Pop-up Ads: Unlike many online and website practices, my Google Form practice gives students a very clean look at each question without all the distracting and annoying website ads and pop-ups. Students will focus more on the exam questions so they can complete each test in a timely manner and do much better on it.

Editable Google Form Interactive Questions

  • Paperless, no printing, no photocopying
  • Prep-free and easy-to-assign on Google Classroom
  • Editable so you can change question style, form background, or settings
  • Touch-free and auto-grading once submitted by students
  • See and track responses by your students

For students

  • Easy click-n-select responses
  • Instant scoring once submitted
  • Accessible anywhere on any device
  • Great for all types of learning: In-person, distance, virtual, or hybrid

For Teachers

  • Assign a set of practice to your students quickly
  • Easily isolate a question to go over with students
  • Track students’ performance and readiness for the exam


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