President’s Day Word Search Puzzle for Fun In All Classes



“A fun Presidents Day Word Search Puzzle for fun in all classes. This is from a collection of my unique Word Search Puzzles for Holidays and Celebrations that I created for my mom, who has taught in elementary and middle schools for almost 30 years. I created each puzzle to be really fun, and hopefully spark new and heightened interest in word search puzzles among her students. I hope your students will enjoy working on this puzzle too.

Puzzle comes complete with Key.

Make it a fun game for the class.
Words in the puzzle are listed with point values.

For Elementary School students
Ask your students to find as many of the listed words as they can in the time period that you set. When time is up, ask students to count up all of their points to see who got the most.

For Middle School and High School students:
Conceal the search words given. Ask student to find as many words as they can in the amount of time that you set. When they find a word, they should write the word down in the space below the puzzle. When time is up, read the given words in each point category, and ask students to note appropriate point next to each word they wrote down. They can count up all their points to see who got the most.”


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